What is Financial Independence?

Much of this blog revolves around my journey to Financial Independence. But what does that even mean? Simply put- a person has reached financial independence when the income that’s produced by their assets can pay for their living expenses indefinitely. Or put even simpler. They no longer have to work for money again in their […]

What is Margin Studies? Start Here.

I started writing Margin Studies because I wanted to share some of the things I was passionate about, but do it in a way where I was comfortable exploring all aspects of my finances and entrepreneurial journey. I decided to start the blog in a semi anonymous way and start publicly tracking both my net […]

How do I calculate net worth when I can’t even bake a cake?

One of the things I am publicly tracking on my Net Worth / Wall Chart posts is net worth. Here I want to explain what net worth is, and also how you calculate it. To calculate net worth, all you need to do is add up your total value of your assets, and subtract the […]

If you ran your life like you ran a business, would your performance review go well?

4 years ago, the simple act of visiting chase.com to see my account balances was enough to bring on a panic attack. How much closer to my credit limit would I be? How much more had I spent? What will happen when I see that my account has gone over the limit, my credit card […]