I missed last month. Life happened, but we’re moving on! 

I was in Denver Colorado the last time I was supposed to publish this, and it just didn’t happen. The lack of intentionality bled over to other aspects of my life, but we’re on the up and up. Just like the stock markets have been this year 🙂

The Wall Chart is borrowed directly from Your Money or Your Life, which is one of the cornerstone books of the FIRE movement. By consistently keeping track of all of your money coming in and out, you can start to make better decisions as to how you spend your life energy. I use the YNAB software for all of my budgeting, which makes keeping track of what comes in and out SUPER easy.

February’s Wall Chart Report:

This month I come back down to earth a little. But I expected this. A couple things entered into the equation here.


The numbers:

Income: $3390.98

Spending: $3296.91

Margin: $94.07

I’ve been officially keeping with this wall chart for 5 months now, and I’ve been enjoying the exercise. 5 months in a row, and I have yet to go negative on my margin! This month tested me though.

My trip to Denver for a retreat was more expensive than I had budgeted. 

It’s time to start trying to push that income number back up a little!

Net Worth as of 1/1/2019 : $80623.58

Mr. Market helped the net worth expand this month. 

One of my goals for this year is to build another 20k into my net worth, I want to do that through mostly debt repayment. I have a credit card I’ve let stick around for too long, as well as some student loans left. This isn’t a sexy way to increase networth, but it will make my monthly expenses go down over time, which makes it more stable to be self employed. 

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